One day to go …

We have all been anxiously waiting for that special day on which we may kick some life into our community. For those who have no idea what I’m talking about: The Belgian BigData launch event will take place tomorrow in Ghent!

There are a few things we would like to talk about, but most importantly we want your feedback and brilliant idea’s regarding BigData concepts, technologies and the Belgian community.

As you may know, the event will start tomorrow (july 5th) at 6:30 PM in the Atari room of the IBBT Zuiderpoort Office Park (Gaston Crommenlaan, 8 (bus 102), Ghent – map ). The following items are a rough outline of the evening:

  1. Members introduction
  2. Community brainstorm
  3. bbuzz debrief

21 members already confirmed their presence. If you are not one of them and you still want to join the event you can do so on our meetup page. All information about the event can be found there, as well as the list of members which will join us tomorrow.

We are impatiently looking forward to meet you.

See you tomorrow!

Author: daan.gerits

Daan is a software and opensource enthousiast at heart. During his education he not only participated in, but also launched several initiatives to promote opensource. As it became clear that software development is a tedious task, he focused on creating frameworks and tools to ease developer's life. Daan is working as a software engineer at the moment, specializing in content management. Thats is only during the daylight hours. As dusk sets in, the world of BigData lures and initiatives like FrogPond see the light. The main objective remains: ease developer's life.

2 thoughts on “One day to go …”

  1. Thx for this first meeting. Seems like BigData in BE has something to say!

    My small contribution on the first part of the meeting regarding datasets sources (credit to Manning’s Hadoop in Action book):

    Unfortunately, I had to leave during the break (otherwise I should have taken a room in Brussels) and was not able to get the BBuz debrief and the other topics on the agenda. Any plan to send it or publish it?

  2. Thanks for the valuable input, Eric. We will have to collect and curate that information somewhere!

    Regarding different topics of yesterday, we probably will publish the minutes we took during the meetup. But note that we will not be creating a full transcription of the discussions.

    Thanks for participating!

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