The 7th meetup or Waiting for CSI Ixelles

Three weeks ago our litte community on bigdata had their 7th meetup in Brussels. We think it is a good idea to hold our meetups in different cities, since we are the Belgian bigdata community. (If you can host a meetup in your city, please contact us!). Next to the typical  evening traffic chaos and a meeting of all European prime ministers there was a crime scene (some sort of knife fight) next to our meeting place, which caused some of our participants to arrive a bit later, than planned.

Nevertheless did we have a good schedule, which consisted out of two talks with lots of good interaction between the speakers and the audience.

The first talk was about storm a distributed realtime processing framework coming out of twitter. Daan Gerrits gave an introduction into storm and walked us through an example application he had created for this meetup.

The second talk (by me) was about apache giraph a graph processing framework on top of apache hadoop.

If you have been to one of our meetings and you liked it, please spread the word, leave comments here, and consider the “call for papers” for our 8th meetup in July open!

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André Kelpe

André Kelpe works as a Software Engineer in the world of digital mapping and navigation where he makes sure that everybody uses the freshest and best maps to find faster to their destinations. He is working mainly on backend systems for map data production. In his freetime he is involved in the Belgian hackerspace movement a general purpose POSIX geek and freethinker.

2 thoughts on “The 7th meetup or Waiting for CSI Ixelles”

  1. You are totally right, that it would be great to have videos of the meetups, yet it all works only out with personal initiative :-) I am not convinced that google-hangout is a good format for this as some people (including me) like to walk around while talking and not sit in front of a webcam.

    That being said, it should be easy to find a cheap video cam and record the sessions. Then of course somebody has to do the editing and upload it to youtube. That is, like all voluntary work, that somebody has to be willing to do. If you could find somebody to become the official video gatekeeper or even better do that yourself, I guess we always will have a video.

  2. Hey Lode, sorry you had to miss out on this terrific meetup. We did notice your previous request on broadcasting the meetups. We’ll discuss it further down the line. As a matter of fact, let’s put it on the agenda for the 8th meetup. However, we already envisaged 2 issues with your request. First of all, the logistics are a bit more elaborate that just use Google Hangout for broadcasting: camera, proper audio, etc. Second, having our meetups broadcasted would probably reinforce the effect that more and more big data geeks follow the meetups from their comfy couches. And that of course, would be counter-intuitive to the idea of having meetups in the first place. Let us know what you think!

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