44th meetup – CI/CD for your data pipelines

Area-style venue

Axa was so kind to host our 44th BigData.be meetup in their new headquarters at Troonplein 1, 1000 Brussel. As you can see in the picture above, the venue is simply amazing. However, the arena-style seating is a bit of a challenge for the presenters, but it gave the presentations a specific dynamic that was well appreciated.


For this meetup, we steered away from our traditional 2-presentations-per-evening style. Instead, we opted for 4 but shorter presentations on Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) for full data pipelines.

19h00 - doors
19h30 - CI/CD for full data pipelines (Mehdi OUAZZA - Axa)
19h50 - CI/CD for full data pipelines (Daniel Mescheder - Real Impact Analytics)
20h10 - break
20h20 - Car damage visual detection (Edward De Brouwer - PhD KU Leuven)
20h40 - Managing Nation-Wide Traffic Cameras and Sensors (David Massart - D.E. Solution)
21h00 - networking



The announced meetup subject ‘CI/CD for data pipelines‘ proved to be a very hot topic as we hit the 100 subscriber mark on our meetup page very fast. Eventually we closed with 117 RSVPs. From the picture above, we estimate that we had about 70 effective attendees.

Finally, we can only finish with a big THANK YOU to Axa for hosting, to the presenters for sharing and to the community for attending, for asking intelligent and interesting questions during the Q&A sessions and for making BigData.be the vibrant community that it is!

All the best for 2018 from BigData Belgium!

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