9th meetup – schedule complete

Good news everyone!

The schedule for our 9th meetup is complete, we will have three talks from different areas of the big-data universe:

We hope you like this schedule, as much, as we do and see plenty of you!


9th meetup – call for participation

Hello all,

The friendly folks of NGDATA in Gent will host our 9th meetup. Thanks for that already!

Next to a location, we are always looking for interesting things to discuss during the meetup. Have you read something interesting in the bigdata/nosql space lately? Are you implementing something amazing right now? Do you have a problem, that you want to discuss? Let us know!

Looking forward to hearing from you all!


Meetup 8: Call for participation

Hello all,

the next meetup is already approaching and we are still missing some interesting topics to discuss.

So if you have read something lately that is worth mentioning, or if you’re in the middle having a breakthrough on an interesting brain teaser, or if you are implementing a wonderful project or just doing anything else relevant to our domain, please take a moment to prep some slides and get a discussion going on our 8th meetup!

Looking forward to hearing from you all!


The 7th meetup or Waiting for CSI Ixelles

Three weeks ago our litte community on bigdata had their 7th meetup in Brussels. We think it is a good idea to hold our meetups in different cities, since we are the Belgian bigdata community. (If you can host a meetup in your city, please contact us!). Next to the typical  evening traffic chaos and a meeting of all European prime ministers there was a crime scene (some sort of knife fight) next to our meeting place, which caused some of our participants to arrive a bit later, than planned.

Nevertheless did we have a good schedule, which consisted out of two talks with lots of good interaction between the speakers and the audience.

The first talk was about storm a distributed realtime processing framework coming out of twitter. Daan Gerrits gave an introduction into storm and walked us through an example application he had created for this meetup.

The second talk (by me) was about apache giraph a graph processing framework on top of apache hadoop.

If you have been to one of our meetings and you liked it, please spread the word, leave comments here, and consider the “call for papers” for our 8th meetup in July open!

Let’s meet!

It is time to meet up in real life! IBBT in Ghent, is so kind to host our very first meeting and you are invited. We have created a meetup-page and would like to ask you to subscribe, if you are interested in joining us for an informal  #bbuzz debrief and community introduction.  The event is free of charge and should be seen as a first contact event of our new little community.

If you are interested in big data and joining a brand new community, put your name on the attendee list!

Hope to see you there!

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We want you!

We have been discussing it for a while now and we believe the time is right to start a big data community in our little part of the world. We stand for a group of people that have to deal with building or using solutions for the ever growing data needs of our employers or customers, which is commonly referred to as bigdata. We want to build a community in Belgium that shares knowledge and best practices in this area and we want you to become part of the fun.

We are independent of any vendor solution and we also do not try to sell you anything here; we are technical people from different backgrounds like CMS, digital maps etc. eager sharing our experiences and learning new things. We want to kick-off the community in .be  soon, so if you are interested in joining us, let us know. You can leave a comment here, contact us on twitter or join our google group! We are eager to get in touch!

Looking forward to all of you!

— André (@fs111)

P.S.: Some of us will be in Berlin for the Berlin Buzzwords conference next week, if you are also there, get in touch with us, if you cannot come to Berlin, but want to join us, please get in touch with us as well!